Aero Color Schmincke acrylics inks

Since the beginning of Kilgore HD Miniatures, our aim has been not only to design and manufacture high quality miniatures with different and exceptional designs but also to incorporate into our catalog the best products on the market for modeling. With this objective, we include in our catalog the line of acrylic inks Aero Color from the German brand Schmincke, professional inks of the highest quality that make the difference in our work.

We incorporate a selection of very intense colors with extreme resistance to light, specially designed for airbrushing but also suitable for brush or marker application (specific ink markers) Most of the colors contain a single pigment, which ensures us shades and mixtures of the highest quality, since they are designed both for direct application and for mixing with other acrylic paints, providing not only color modification but also a excellent saturation.

With a very high adhesion and resistance to water, Aero Color inks dry semi-matt which can be modified according to the needs of the job by incorporating some matting acrylic medium for a totally matte result.

A product of the highest quality that will undoubtedly provide a professional result to our minis.

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