If you like the War Comics this is your collection!!!!!! A serie of 8 high quality busts with the aesthetic of our favorite characters from those comics of our childhood. A very careful design with many painting possibilities: realistic style, Illustration style, comic, OSL... We are sure you will have fun!!!!!

Each figure is a limited edition of 150 copies. All the boxes are marked with their serial number so that when you complete the collection, you can get an exclusive additional figure totally free. You will only have to send us a photo to info@kilgorehd-miniatures.com in which the original boxes appear with their serial number of the 8 figures and that's it!!!! We take care of everything so that you have your new figure.

Of course, you can buy the figures of the collection on our website and at our authorized distributors. And so you don't miss anything, here is the album of the collection that will be updated with the new characters. Approximately every month we will release a new character.


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