New lines 70 and 76 of the daVinci Maestro series, special for modeling. To the high quality and characteristics of the Maestro series, daVinci has added a super sharp tip for the most precise jobs, without losing its paint load capacity. Thus, with these brushes that come in two different lengths, we have a great tool at our fingertips, with a high paint load capacity and unmatched precision.

In our opinion, daVinci has taken a great leap towards modeling with these two new lines and we are sure that they will be one of the new benchmarks in terms of brushes for the hobby.

To these new features are added those already known from the Maestro series:

- made from Siberian Tobolsky-Kolinsky red sable hair from selected male winter tails

- extraordinary fine tip, high elasticity on a precise straight edge

- made by hand, piece per piece by a skilled brushmaker

- each brush is tested individually by a master brushmaker

- ideal for detail work, miniatures and figures painting