At Kilgore HD Miniatures we wanted to pay tribiute to a historical character not too well known by many, such as María “la bailadora”.


With a 1/10 bust and a full 90mm figure, we present this woman who fought in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 aboard the Royal Galley. History states that she embarked disguised as a man, following her lover into battle.


She excelled both in the use of the arquebus and the sword, killing several enemies when boarding the galley "La Sultana". Thanks to his bravery she earned the right to remain in the Spanish Tercios as one more soldier.


According the chronicles of Marco Antonio Arroyo: "There was a Spanish woman, who was María, called the dancer, who stripping off her habit and natural feminine fear, fought with an arquebus with so much effort and dexterity, which cost many Turks their lives, and coming to confront one of them, she stabbed him to death. she was among the Tercio of Lope de Figueroa."



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